Guided Fishing Charters

Throughout the state of Florida, there are many thousands of charter captains. Every waterway, seawall, and marina is littered with signs posted by hopeful captains from every walk of life and of various skill levels.  It can be difficult to choose, and that’s where we can help by being your exclusive link the best charter Captains on Florida’s west coast.

Our affiliate Captains are fully vetted and have proven track records in both customer service and the ability to find and catch incredible fish. We don’t win customers with discounts and creative marketing. Our Captains are among the best in the world, we succeed through results.

Our Captains primarily operate in the Tampa Bay area, one of the world’s largest and most productive estuaries, with seasonal offerings from Homassasa to the Florida Keys. The Tampa Bay area offers some of the best fishing in the world, plentiful accommodations, and convenient infrastructure.  Two International airports, tens of thousands of hotel rooms to choose from, and an endless supply of great restaurants make Tampa Bay the ideal starting point for serious anglers.

Tampa Bay may well be the greatest inshore fishery on earth. On any given day anglers can target Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Grouper, Snapper,  Spanish and King Mackerel, Sea Trout as well as several species of shark including Bull sharks, Hammerheads and Blacktips. Florida’s West Coast is also famous for our offshore fishery. Year round Snapper and Grouper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is a staple of coastal life.

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